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About Me

Adventure Storyteller. 

 I am an Action Sports Director/Cinematographer with a passion for story telling and creating beautiful imagery.


Since 2001 I have worked with some of the worlds best athletes and brands creating films, and unique marketing content.


Over the past 2 decades I have worked as a camera operator on Drop in TV for 2.5 seasons and directed 5 mountain bike films along with creating industry leading content for various clients.  


My love of nature and my passion for everything outdoors is what inspires me and I get a deep connection to the world when I am capturing the light dancing on the landscape. It's as close as one my age can get to being a kid again.


My two most recent documentaries 2018's Reverence and 2019's Chasing the Yeti Saw me go back to my roots of Mountain bike film making. These two project challenged me and helped me grow as a filmmaker. 


They renewed my love of long form story telling and taught me a valuable  lesson in perseverance.

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